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В Каталонии избивают до смерти стариков и детей. И вся Европа молчит. Зато поддерживает Гонконг, где пацаны разносят страну в клочья. Позор Европе! Позор Испании!


shows what has also happened in Catalonia.

Many doesn't like to see it, because it doesn't match the reality they themselves believe in.
But this video just shows what happened.

You can tell me that I am an idiot because I share this with the world. But it doesn't change the fact, that this video is reality - and you maybe just discovered, that your reality isn't.

The Catalan protesters are throwing things at the police... But is this reaction normal in a democratic country?

Is this how the police should react?

(Try to interact like a democratic citizen)

Nils Gísli

Tags: Гонконг, Европа, Каталония, видео, полиция, протест

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