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Мнение иностранки о протесте в Москве

Ева Карен Бартлетт

I've been to many protests, in DC (2006, against Israeli bombings of Lebanon and Gaza), in Bil'in (at least 10 times, 2007), in Gaza (too many times to count), in Toronto (Quds day protests), in Venezuela (2.5--the .5 was the pathetic turnout of opposition supporters, 15 here, 20 there...)...

Yesterday's protest in Moscow may have had numbers (20,000 according to Russian interior ministry; 50,000 according to anti-government media), but they were the most APATHETIC protesters I've ever encountered. Little bursts of chanting then silence, silence and standing still...waiting for orders? They *almost* seemed like their hearts weren't really in it. Just an observation...

When the singers started playing, these protesters with so much on their minds were transfixed and almost seemed to forget their purpose...

Later, at one of the unauthorized protests, when people were being detained by security, some being detained were smiling and laughing. I asked someone here about this:

"They are fully aware the police won't do anything extreme unless they themselves turn to something extreme."

This person also gave me some personal insight:

"Some of them are paid to protest and antagonize. When I was a student in 2001, there were people who offered something like $15-20 to protest for 2-3 hours in front of the State Duma holding whatever banner they give you."

On twitter, I found this:

Many young people who came to Sakharov Prospect today in order to take part in protests do not know the names of their “leaders”, neither their political agenda. Nothing.They demand «fair elections» into Moscow State Duma but fail to even name their candidates.They’ve been fooled

-Do you know your candidates running for Moscow State Duma? -Well.. I wouldn’t vote for anyone.. -But you know them? Can you name them? -Well... approximately... I guess not. Hahaha #moscowprotests

#Russian journalist Pavel Lobkov from liberal channel TV Rain (the mouthpiece of opposition) is praising police live on TV saying the policemen are extremely gentle and polite. I wonder what would
say about it?

**I observed the same thing, police actually very polite.

On the note of police/security brutality, we have countless examples from France to Canada to the US to beloved Gaza. In the latter, in the 10s of protests I accompanied from 2009 to 2013, Israeli elite snipers didn't even bother with tear gas, they started with live ammunition, and didn't only aim for the legs but murdered unarmed Palestinians easily. In the past year, elite Israeli snipers have murdered over 300 Palestinians have been killed since the 30th March, 2018 [].

*Not 'intense', CBC, child's play.


Robert Inlakesh:
19 July

BREAKING: Israel shoot 49 Gazan's with live ammunition and injure 97. Amongst the injured are children, journalists and medics. One of the journalists injured, named Sami Masran (32 yrs old), has been shot in the eye and is currently in critical condition.

2. Deconstructing CBC lying tweet about 'intense' police repression.

3. Journalist taking selfie with big bad police standing calmly behind 🙄

4. Protesters at unauthorized protest being detained--not murdered...

Eva Karene Bartlett

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